• Matthew R. Waugh

The war within.

Here I sit with my back to the wall

And a full view of the room

Not by chance at all

It's woven in my loom

Scanning the place

My eyes fixed on the crowd

Watching looks on their face

They’re so happy and loud

But somewhere out there

One might be a threat

A person without a care

Or trying to settle some debt

It could be her on that side

But of malice I see no hint

It could be him full of pride

Unknowing his concealed weapon print

Always keeping an eye

But not just for my sake

All these people drinking rye

Clueless of their fate

Or the ones with their phones

Noses buried deep

Watching their screen, waiting for tones

Or that little old man asleep

I watch as I eat

Checking boxes in my head

Of the people I greet

And others I’ve read

The room gets loud

But my brain is a mess

As the place starts to crowd

And I can’t watch the rest

My heart starts to beat

Pounding like a hammer in my chest

I sit nervous in my seat

Because I can’t see the rest

I get whats left to go

And head out the door

Walking past the rows

I can’t take anymore

Many don’t understand

This anxiety I feel

But things get out of hand

And violence is real

While most look for the good

I watch for the evil

I’d stop if I could

But I lived it for real

Not everyone has cheer

Deep in their hearts

There is true evil out here

Practicing their black arts

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